Dark Waters (showing now/2019)

This new series is now showing on Discovery Channel in the US, on Friday evenings at 10pm (with local variations).

It is also rolling out worldwide on Animal Planet. (Now showing in E & SE Asia, Brazil, Central & South America, Caribbean, Middle East, eastern Europe, Africa, Russia, Taiwan. Coming to Japan in August. For other territories and to confirm dates, please CHECK LOCAL LISTINGS.)

If you liked River Monsters, then don’t miss this new 8-part series. A year in the making, and filmed in diverse locations around the world, it follows Jeremy’s investigations of lake monsters, disappearing giants, and a fish that came back from the brink.


River Monsters (9 seasons)

What started as a single programme about an alleged freshwater man-eater in the mountain rivers of India went on to make TV history as Animal Planet’s most watched show for nine straight seasons. Each episode starts with a fisherman’s tale or the story of a mythical beast and finishes with the revelation of the real-life creature responsible. Highlights include the first-ever underwater TV footage of man-sized Goonch catfish (from that first episode), giant freshwater stingrays, Goliath Tigerfish from the Congo, fishing in the shadow of Chernobyl nuclear reactor, and night-diving with super-secretive Oarfish in mile-deep water in the Mediterranean.

Re-runs showing worldwide, mostly on Discovery (and ITV4 in UK). Viewers in the US can watch all episodes streamed on AnimalPlanetGo

River Monsters is a co-production of Icon Films and Animal Planet

251lb lau-lau catfish from Essequibo River in Guyana.

251lb lau-lau catfish from Essequibo River in Guyana.


Mighty Rivers (2018)

Fishing for stories on the front line of aquatic conservation. Six programmes on six rivers (Mississippi, Amazon, Danube, Zambezi, Ganges and Yangtze) that came out of filming River Monsters, and the unique perspective that this ten-year project gave. Since most of the fish that Jeremy catches are apex predators, their presence is a very strong indicator of a healthy food pyramid and healthy water. The trouble is … most of these fish have become very hard to find over just the last hundred years. So Jeremy set out to conduct a “health check” of the world’s fresh water — a largely invisible and hence neglected ecosystem. What he found was profoundly shocking. But, looking deeper, the Chinese anti-dam protesters, Brazilian arapaima guardians and Indian scientists who catch polluters from the air give some surprising cause for hope.

Showing now/soon on Seven Network Australia, Choice TV & BBC Earth New Zealand, Discovery Canada, Canal Evasion French Canada, Discovery Latin America, Viasat Central & Eastern Europe, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, iQIYI China, KBS South Korea, Discovery Indonesia, Laos, Andorra.


Jungle Hooks (2002)

Jeremy launched his TV career with this six-part series for Discovery Europe, which documented the hunt for a giant arapaima in the Amazon backwaters. He followed this with Jungle Hooks India (2005, made by his production company Chromis Films) about golden mahseer in the Himalayan foothills. Jungle Hooks has since aired in the US as Lost Reels.