For links to buy the US hardcover, ebook or audiobook (unabridged) click  here

For links to buy the US hardcover, ebook or audiobook (unabridged) click here

HOW TO THINK LIKE A FISH (Now available in both US/Canada and UK editions.)

Since he started appearing on television, many people have asked Jeremy how they can improve their own fishing results. This book is his reply. Sparse on the details of technique, it’s more about the fundamental principles — a mindset for success. Part science, part art, and part elusive “something else”, this, he says, is something every angler can develop. Using examples from his own experience, he explains when to let instinct override logic, why less time can bring better results than more, which details are vital and which may be irrelevant — and why a “non-result” can be a result.

For info on where to buy the US/Canada hardcover, ebook or audiobook (unabridged) click here

In the UK you can pre-order from your local bookshop or online from Waterstones, Foyles, WH Smith, Wordery, Hive or Amazon. There is also an ebook. Audiobook available from Audible, Kobo, Google Play and Apple.

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This book gives the background, and goes behind the scenes of the genre-busting River Monsters TV show. It traces Jeremy’s story from his childhood chasing roach, chub and pike on the Suffolk Stour in south-east England, through his obsession with carp and dalliance with rare English catfish, and on to his early travels abroad — the 20 years of mostly solo journeys that laid the foundation for his television career. It’s a life that follows a twisting but apparently logical course when looking back, but which at the time mostly seemed to be going in no clear direction at all. And the TV break so nearly didn’t happen. Like the capture of a big fish, it resulted from an alignment of many factors, including (whisper it softly) a sprinkling of luck. Going on to travel with a film crew opened the door to many more opportunities but also brought new challenges, and these pages take you along on the filming expeditions, into the world of what doesn’t fit into a TV hour. Hold on tight for a tale of adventure, obsession, and very big fish…

A Wall Street Journal bestseller. Available in UK & US editions. Most UK bookshops will order for next day. Signed copies of UK paperback (pictured) can be ordered from Icon Films (River Monsters production company). Audiobook available here. Translations available in Bulgarian, German, Hungarian.



The story of the rediscovery of the Indian mahseer and the goliath tigerfish of the Congo. “A genuinely strange one, and I love it.” (Stephen J. Bodio, Fly Rod & Reel) “A fascinating, sometimes appalling story.” (Keith Elliott, Independent on Sunday) “The oddest and most fascinating book I have read this year, by a wide margin.” (Tom Fort, Financial Times) “Unusual for its reading quality … filled with incident and atmosphere.” (Brian Clarke, The Times) “An intensely enjoyable book — quirky, informative, fanatical and strangely exhausting.” (David Profumo, fishing correspondent, Daily Telegraph)

Sorry, but this one is out of print, and commanding crazy prices for second-hand copies. If you look hard, and you’ve got the right bait ($$/££) you might be lucky.