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On TV: River Monsters SERIES 4 is airing in the UK from 1st January 2013. Tuesday nights on ITV1 & extended one-hour versions on Wednesday nights on ITV4. See TV listings for times.

Meanwhile SEASON 5 has now been filmed. It will air in the US (Animal Planet) in spring 2013, and in other territories worldwide (Discovery) after that.

Series 4 destinations include: the US, Botswana, Mongolia, India, Thailand, the far east of Russia, Australia and Zambia.

In Botswana we also filmed the first 3D episode of River Monsters -- the first ever 3D film of its kind (on-the-hoof natural history expedition).

The number of man-sized fish, of different inland species, that we have caught on camera now stands at a dozen (all but 2 of them weighed over 150lb, and 6 of these were way over that). But it's not just about size.

Jeremy Wade fishing the Congo


Jeremy Wade fishing the Nile

To catch up with seasons 1-3, River Monsters DVDs are available from the Animal Planet online shop (US/NTSC format). In the UK, DVDs of series 1 & 2 (PAL format, produced by ITV) are available from retail and online outlets.

River Monsters is produced by multiple award winning Icon Films

Jeremy Wade with redtail catfish



Jungle Hooks

Arapaima under water

Jungle Hooks India

Himalayan water monster


Jeremy Wade with 140lb wels catfish

Is it safe to get in the water?...

Nearly half the world's fish species live in just 0.01% of the world's water - our lakes and rivers. Yet most people know less about what lives in fresh water than they do about the oceans.

Because some rivers are very hard to get to - and/or too murky to see into, using normal means - many of their inhabitants are rarely or never seen in conventional natural history programmes.

River Monsters takes a different approach. Biologist and fishing detective Jeremy Wade starts by examining myths and fishermen's tales, subjecting them to scientific scrutiny to separate fact from fiction. Then he homes in on his targets using a fishing line. The results are some fish of staggering dimensions and appearance, including some spectacular TV 'firsts'.




Jungle Hooks logo (on Discovery)

Jungle Hooks is a fishing series with a difference. With the help of a diverse cast of characters, we are lowered beneath the surface of this bewildering region - to a reality even stranger than the Amazon we imagined. Meanwhile the hunt for the arapaima has as many twists as the great river's course.

“Nowhere else in fresh water is there a fish so large and sporting ... and yet this giant has hardly been tested on a rod.”

Leander J. McCormick, in Game Fish of the World (1949), on the pirarucu (Arapaima gigas) of the Amazon

Jungle Hooks India title

Victorian expats in the service of the British empire told of supercharged monster fish in the Himalayas. Jeremy Wade sets out to see if these stories hold true today.

“Many a sportsman has truly said that he would rather catch a big mahseer than shoot a tiger.”

Maj. A. St J. Macdonald, Circumventing the Mahseer (1948)



Discovery Real Time logo

For another chance to see Jungle Hooks or Jungle Hooks India in the UK, check the schedules of Discovery Real Time & Discovery Real Time Extra.

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